Essential RV Insurance Coverage Options

As an RV owner, you should always be ready to face various problems like sudden breakdowns, over-turns on treacherous highways, and vandalism. And, sometimes, the cost of repairing your motorhome when these problems hit is enormous. However, you can rest assured with good insurance that you won't have to shoulder repair expenses.

Common RV Coverage Options

There are a plethora of insurance policies for motorhome owners. Some of the most common coverage options available include:

Mechanical Breakdown

Many reputable insurance providers offer mechanical breakdown insurance for RV owners. This type of policy exclusively covers components, labor costs, and repair expenses for RVs.


Comprehensive coverage protects your RV against numerous issues, including water, hail, and fire damage. Note that this type of coverage does not include damages arising from collisions and accidents.


Collision coverage covers your motorhome against any damages caused by crashes and accidents with objects and other automobiles. Typically, this coverage protects your RV's structure as well as various other internal components.


If you want to protect any possessions in your motorhome, contents coverage is an option. It covers valuables like computers, clothes, and jewelry. Check with your agent to find out what your insurance policy includes.

What Makes RV Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) Policy Special?

As you may have noticed, most of the options outlined above cover vehicles against damages. However, only one covers mechanical failure and consequent repairs: mechanical breakdown insurance. MBI assures a motorhome owner that any breakdowns will get professionally repaired even if your manufacturer warranty has expired. That is critical, especially when you want to avoid costly repair expenses.

Besides, this policy covers numerous repairs, ranging from minor to large scale. Some of these include engine parts, AC systems, transmission, and fuel system repairs. Many MBI providers also offer 24/7 roadside assistance. This service is priceless, especially for motorhome owners who enjoy traveling. If your vehicle suddenly breaks down in the middle of nowhere, MBI will help you get towing, repatriation, and rental car services. Lastly, mechanical breakdown insurance usually covers both new and used RVs. Therefore, if you have an old motorhome, you don't have to worry about missing the outstanding benefits of having an MBI.

Find a Suitable Repair Shop

After an accident or breakdown, your insurer may suggest a good repair shop. However, you don't necessarily have to take your motorhome there. You are free to find suitable RV repair services, and your insurance company will still pay. Moreover, besides getting mandated policies for your RV, ensure you have mechanical breakdown insurance to help you with repair expenses.

For more information, contact an RV insurance claim repair shop near you.

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