5 Reasons Your Vehicle Is Squeaking When You Turn

When you turn your wheel left and right, you expect your vehicle to turn without making any sounds. If your vehicle is making a squeaking sound when you are turning, then many different factors could be at play, and you may need to contact an auto repair shop to inspect the following issues.

Power Steering

One issue may be your power steering system. The main components of your power steering systems are the steering gear, pump, and hoses. When one part wears down, this can impact the entire power steering system. When a component fails, the pump will start making sounds when you turn the wheel, as the steering gear is attached to the wheel. The sound produced when this happens can be like more of a whine or a squeak.

Low Power Steering Fluid

Along with your power steering system, the power steering fluid needs to be maintained. When the power steering fluid levels get lower, a squeaking sound may result due to the fact that the fluid isn't providing proper lubrication to the power steering system. If the fluid levels get really loud, the noise will become louder. Contained power steering fluid can have the same impact as low fluid levels.

Worn Steering Wheel Belt

While the steering wheel belt is not a part of the power steering system, it is attached to it. When the belt starts to get loose or worn down, it will first make a squeaking sound. If the belt snaps, you are not going to be able to steer your vehicle.

Ball Joints or Bushing Issue

Other systems that are connected to your power steering system are the ball bushings and ball joints. When they start to fail, you will notice not only a squeaking sound when you turn, but you will also feel vibrations in your steering wheel. If these fail when you are driving, especially if you are going fast, you will lose the ability to steer and could get into a severe accident.

Lost Lubrication

Lastly, you may have a lack of lubrication outside of the power steering fluid. For example, the ball joint, bushing, tie road, or seal may be dried out, which can cause noise when you are turning. A trained mechanic can figure out what is making noise and get it lubricated to stop the noise.

If your vehicle is making a sound you don't understand; you will want to take your car to your mechanic. You don't want to drive your vehicle when it is making sounds you don't understand.

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