Dealing With Transfer Case Problems In Your Four Wheel Drive Truck

If you drive a four-wheel-drive truck, you may have had to deal with the four-wheel-drive not engaging or not staying in gear from time to time. Often the reason for this happening is wear or damage inside the transfer case, but many automotive transmission shops can help you will 4x4 transfer case repair or adjustment when you need it.

Hard Shifting

The transfer case in your truck should go in and out of four-wheel-drive easily, so if it is difficult to get into gear, you may need to have it checked. The linkage on the transfer case may be binding or something inside the case may be worn and causing the gears to bind when you try and engage it. 

Finding a 4x4 transfer case repair shop is not as difficult as you may think. Most shops that offer transmission work can also work on your transfer case. The transfer case uses gears to change the power distribution to the vehicle's wheels, much like a transmission, but allows you to engage or disengage the front axle, so it gets the power to assist the rear axle when needed.

The transfer case should smoothly shift between the modes, so if it doesn't, it can be a sign that something is misaligned or damaged, and a technician should check it. Sometimes you can put the truck in reverse and back up until the case engages, but if that happens, it indicates a binding problem, and the shop should check the transfer case. 

Loud Whining Noise

If you are using your four-wheel-drive and you notice a loud whining coming from under the truck, you should have a 4x4 transfer case repair shop check it for you. The transfer case may be low on oil, and running it that way long-term can cause bearings and gears inside the case to overheat.

The heat will eventually damage the parts and potentially require the shop to rebuild the entire transfer case. The cost for a repair like this can be significant, and often the oil in the transfer case just needs to be changed or the level topped up so the oil continues to protect the moving parts inside the transfer case.

Banging Noises

Another indication that the transfer case in your truck needs attention can be banging or thumping when the four-wheel-drive is engaged. The noise can be coming from inside the case or from one of the driveshafts attached to it. 

To properly diagnose the noise, the tech from the 4x4 transfer case repair shop must get under the truck and check the drivelines, the U-joints, and all the moving parts. It is often a simple U-joint, but it could be coming from inside the transfer case, requiring additional diagnosis to determine.

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