Headache Racks for Work Trucks Prevent Injuries and Vehicle Damage

A work truck parts store provides essential items for owners to make repairs and to add accessories. A new pickup truck typically comes without running boards, steps to the truck bed, and grill guards. Another accessory that is useful for people who routinely haul cargo is a rack that covers the cab's rear window. 

Terminology and Purpose

These components are colloquially known as headache racks because they prevent cargo from crashing through that back window if the driver brakes abruptly or drives down a steep incline. Auto parts stores may also describe the components as cab guards and protectors. The racks protect the glass and cab interior from damage. They also allow the window to be kept open without fear of cargo sliding into the cab.

This is a product of interest for anyone who routinely hauls lumber, paneling, fence poles, or other building supplies. General contractors are some of the most prevalent buyers of cab guards. The racks also stop ladders from breaking the rear window when sliding forward. The components are frequently seen on heavy-duty pickup trucks and cabs hauling flatbed trailers.

Materials and Designs

Most of these accessories are constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, or carbon steel. They are available in a variety of designs to suit the truck owner's preferences. Some have a mesh style while others consist primarily of horizontal bars with a few stabilizing vertical bars. All of the designs allow the driver to see through the back window when looking at the rearview mirror. 

Some racks cover the whole window while others only have bars behind the bucket seats. If the truck has bench seating to accommodate more than two riders, the full protective design should be chosen. A mount for lighting can be added on top of any headache rack.

Racks are available with adjustable louvers that block the sun when it shines directly through the back window. That helps the cab stay cooler, making these components both comfort and safety features.

Certain styles may be more appealing to truck owners who drive the vehicle for personal use in addition to work duties. The racks are fairly easy to remove, but most individuals don't want the hassle of doing this frequently.

Pricing Considerations

Pricing for cab guards is higher for heavy-duty versions and lower for lighter-duty products. The choice of rack should relate to the type of cargo the driver hauls and whether rough travel conditions are expected. 

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