5 Signs That You Need to Replace Your Car Tires

Car tires are among the essential components of your car because the tires carry your car's load and maintain your driving direction. Additionally, the tires are helpful for braking and providing grip on various road surfaces. For these reasons, your tires need to be in perfect shape to work efficiently and last longer. Worn-out tires can be a risk to you since the car can lose control when tires snap, resulting in an accident. If you aren't able to tell when it's time to buy new tires, here are the warning signs that can help you.

1. Old Tires

As tires get old, they start wearing out, and that's why tire manufacturers accurately give your tires an expiration date. Ideally, manufacturers recommend that you get new tires every 6–10 years. Your tire dealer should also inspect your tires regularly to determine whether your tires are in good condition or not.

2. Damaged Tires

If your car tires have damages, you need to replace them. Common tire damages include cuts, holes, tire bulges, and dents. Driving on damaged tires can be risky, and you should replace such tires immediately.

3. Reduced Tire Tread

Tire treads are the grooves on your tire surface. The grooves determine your car's capability to gain a grip on the road surface. Also, the treads maintain the car's stability when driving during bad weather, such as in storms or heavy snow. If you notice that your tires are becoming smooth and losing the grooves, you need to contact your tire dealer and ask about getting new tires.

4. Tire Cracks

Tires are in constant exposure to rough road surfaces and extreme weather such as snow. The cracks begin forming as small cuts when sharp objects rub against the tires. When water enters these cuts, the water cools and melts due to rapid temperature changes resulting in cracks. These cracks can be outlets of your tire pressure and can spread, tearing up your tires. Hence, get ready to replace your tires when cracks start forming.

5. High Tire Mileage

When your tires have high mileage, you should consider replacing them. The mileage depends on the distances you cover with your car. There is no definite number of miles that dictate tire replacement. Generally, tires are in good shape for about 60,000 miles, after which you can consider replacing them.

Old tires, reduced tire tread, high tire mileage, irregular tread wear, and cracks are signs that your car tires need replacement. Your tire dealer will provide you with the best replacement tires that you need.

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