Signs That Your Transmission Could Be Failing

An automatic transmission plays a vital role in your car's operation since it does all the gear shifting for you when changing speeds. Here are a few problems to look out for so that you can get ahead of any potential transmission problems. 

Leaking Transmission Fluid

A small transmission fluid leak should be concerning because a lack of fluid can lead to overheating. That's why it's so important to check transmission fluid levels and make sure that they are at the right level. If you don't check the transmission fluid under the hood, make sure to look for a dark red liquid underneath your vehicle. Thankfully, transmission fluid is a unique color to make it easy to identify on the ground.

Weird Noises

Your transmission can also make weird noises to identify that it is time to repair it. This is when the transmission is having a mechanical problem, and you may notice that it happens at certain times when your car is in a specific gear. For example, hearing a grinding sound when you are in first gear, but it goes away when you get to a higher speed. 

Weird Odors

Do you smell antifreeze coming from your vehicle? This could be due to a problem with your transmission where antifreeze is actually getting into the transmission fluid. You definitely do not want these two fluids to mix, since it can cause a problem with your transmission over time that will be expensive to repair.

Dashboard Light

Your car likely has a dashboard light that will indicate that something is wrong with the transmission. It's worth looking at the owner's manual to figure out exactly what that light means. There may be a difference between a steady light and a flashing light. Thankfully, this light produces an error code that can be read by a mechanic to tell them what the problem is. 

Slipping Gears

Another potential problem is that your transmission is slipping gears. When this happens, your car may seem a bit unstable on the road with it going into a higher gear and then slipping back down. It can cause the car to jerk a bit, as your car increases in RPMs rapidly because it is in a lower gear. This problem is worth taking to a mechanic to have them look at it. If you continue to drive your vehicle, it may prevent you from going into higher gears. 

Talk to a transmission repair professional if you suspect something is wrong with your transmission.

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