What To Do When Your RV Breaks Down

If you own an RV, there may be a time when it will not start or run, and knowing how to deal with a breakdown is essential. There are many different RVs on the road, and they don't all use the same engine, transmission, or running gear, but the solution for a breakdown is similar with all of them.

Dead Batteries

One of the most common reasons for your RV not to start is a dead battery. There are several batteries in your RV, but the starting battery is isolated from the rest of the batteries so that it does not discharge when you are using battery power in the RV for lights and other accessories. 

If the starting battery is dead, there is often a problem with the battery itself, like dirty battery terminals limiting the connection or the battery being old and needing to be replaced. 

Alternatively, the charging system may not be putting out enough power for all the batteries in your RV, so it is a good idea to have a tech at a nearby RV repair center check the alternator for you. The tech can also test the battery for you to determine if it is holding a charge or has aged enough that it is no longer serviceable. 

Flat Tires

A flat tire with an RV can be a significant problem, and changing a tire on an RV is not like changing the tires on your car. Many large RVs use dual tires, and the RV is so heavy that changing it on the side of the road is not easy. 

Often a flat tire on your rig means taking it to an RV repair center or having a truck tire service come and change the tire for you. The tire service that comes to you will have the right tools to change the tire so you can get to the RV repair shop or a truck tire shop and have the tire replaced. 

Engine Problems

The engine in your RV is most likely a standard gasoline or diesel engine that can be repaired by any RV repair, truck repair, or even some auto repair shops. The engine may be a little harder to get to, but most of the parts will be the same as other vehicles that use that same engine. 

Because of the RV's size, it is often a good idea to take the unit to a truck shop for RV repair where they have the tools and equipment to work on these large vehicles and the knowledge of the engine and drivetrain systems used in them. 

To learn more, contact an RV repair shop.

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