Four Processes That Should Be Included In A Transmission Service


The transmission system is one of the most important for your car; after all, it is involved in making the car move. At the same time, it is also one of the most expensive parts of the car. This is why you need to maintain your car's transmission and service it regularly. Here are some of the things that shouldn't miss during a transmission service:

Examining the Pan

The transmission pan is the reservoir that holds the ATF, protects the ATF from contaminants (such as dirt), and cools the ATF before it is re-circulated (don't forget that one of the ATF is to cool the transmission). Unfortunately, the transmission pan is susceptible to damage from different quarters such as wear and tear or knocks from road debris. Such damages can cause ATF leaks and its associated dangers. Therefore, the transmission pan needs to be examined for signs of damage or leakage and changed if necessary.

Replacing the Pan Gasket

The transmission pan gasket provides an airtight seal around the transmission pan. The gasket is made from different materials, but rubber is very common. This means the gasket is not as strong as the pan (made of metal), which means it may suffer damage even if the pan is intact. In fact, it is advisable to replace the gasket every time you are conducting routine service on the transmission.

Cleaning or Replacing the Screen/Filter

The transmission filter sieves the ATF and removes contaminants such as metal shavings and dirt particles. Such contaminants affect the efficiency of the ATF, reduce the durability of the ATF, and may also damage the transmission system. Just like other parts of the car, there is a specific schedule (that depends on your car) on when to replace the filter. At the very least, you should clean the ATF when servicing the transmission system.

Replacing the ATF

As you might have noticed in the above discussions, the ATF is a multifunctional fluid. It lubricates the moving parts of the transmission system and cools the transmission system so it doesn't overheat. Unfortunately, the ATF degrades over time due to the constant heat it is exposed to and even the contaminants it picks up in its normal duties. Therefore, the ATF also needs to be replaced at regular intervals, which means this is also something you can do during transmission repair servicing.

Hopefully, regular service of the transmission will keep transmission problems at bay. Consult an auto transmission mechanic if your car's transmission starts to exhibit any problem. 

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