Dealing With Cooling System and Engine Problems That Are Caused by Cold Weather

The cold weather can cause serious damage to your car's mechanical systems. Often, the areas that are affected are the engine and cooling system. This is due to the effects of the cold air on the fluids and parts. Therefore, there may be some repairs that need to be done to the radiator, engine, and other parts due to cold weather damage. The following engine and cooling system repairs may be needed after cold air causes damage:

Damage to the Radiator

The radiator is what cools the antifreeze that circulates through the engine block to prevent overheating. It can be damaged due to several problems when the temperatures drop, including:

  • Expanding fluids causing leaks and blown seams
  • Damage to the radiator fins
  • Buildup inside the radiator restricting the flow of fluids

These are some of the issues that cause damage to your radiator and may need to be repaired.

Broken Cooling System Hoses

There are also hoses that can be vulnerable to damage due to the cold air. This is often because the rubber materials become brittle and crack in colder temperatures. This can cause leaks or the hose to burst. Therefore, you will want to have any hoses replaced that have become dry and started to crack. Replacing the hoses before they fail will help prevent serious issues due to overheating.

Issues With Oil Leaks and Other Fluids

There are also issues with the engine oil that can start during cold weather. Sometimes, these issues are due to pressure that builds up and causes leaks. The oil leaks can be due to blown seals and gaskets that will need to be replaced. There are other issues with fluid leaks that may also need to be repaired when fixing issues with blown seals that cause oil leaks.

Blown Freeze Plugs and Damage to the Engine Block

Freeze plugs are another problem that you may have to have repaired. These are plugs in the engine block that are meant to blow out if there are fluids and gases expanding in the block during cold temperatures. They prevent issues with cracks and may need to be replaced. If the plugs failed to do their job, there might be other engine problems that need to be repaired.

These are some of the problems with cooling systems and engines that may need to be repaired this winter. Contact an auto repair service to repair these issues with your car before the problems get worse.

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