How To Tell When The Tires On Your Car Need Attention

The tires on your vehicle are designed to last for a long time, but the tires' mileage rating can be affected by worn parts on the car. It is essential to regularly check the tires on your vehicle and have a tire dealer look at them if you are concerned about the condition.

Uneven Tire Wear

The most common indication that the tires on your car need replacing is the wear on them. A tire with a lot of uneven wear to the tread is often going to cause handling problems and make the car hard to keep under control. Sometimes wandering to one side or the other is caused by a worn tire on one side of the vehicle, and replacing the tires can help correct the problem.

Typically, if one tire is worn more than the others on the car, the car has a suspension system or steering component problem, and you should take it in for tire service. Wear can also be affected by the air pressure in the tires, so check each tire regularly and correct the air pressure anytime it is off. This small detail can improve tire wear and extend the life of the tires on your car. 

Vibration or Sound Changes

The tires on your car will make some noise as you drive, but most people get accustomed to the noise and don't think too much about it. If that sound changes, though, it is a good idea to check the tires right away. Strange sounds or vibrations that develop suddenly could indicate a broken steel band inside the tire or a change in the inflation level. 

A tire that rapidly loses air can be dangerous, and if a steel band in the tire breaks or shifts, the structural integrity of the tire is compromised and needs to be changed right away. Often, tire dealers can inspect these tires and tell you what is going on with them, but if you notice a change, stop the vehicle and check the tires right away.

Visual Damage Inspection

When you are looking at your tires, note anything that looks different on the tire. Sometimes a tire will wear so aggressively that the rubber wears off until the steel bands and wires are exposed. A tire that has damage that you can see when looking at the tire needs to be addressed immediately. 

Taking your car into a tire dealer or general service center that offers tire services when you see damage to the tire should be done immediately. A tire with visual damage is not safe to drive on, so if you do not have a shop close to you, put on your spare tire or call and have the car towed in for service.

For more information about tire services, contact a local tire shop.

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