Does Your Vehicle Need Rotor Replacement? Know These 3 Things

One part of your vehicle that will eventually need to be serviced is the rotors. However, this part can be difficult to diagnose whether it needs replacement if you do not know what you are looking for. Here are a few things to know about your rotors to determine if they need replacement.

Know How To Identify The Rotors

If you look at the wheels on your vehicle where the brakes are located, you'll notice a silver disk behind the wheel. This is known as the rotor. A rotor is going to only be used on the wheels that use brakes, which are typically the front wheels but could also be on the rear wheels or all four wheels depending on the type of vehicle that you have.

Feel The Rotor For A Lip

If your wheels have gaps in them that allow you to reach through them, you can actually tell if the rotors need to be replaced by the feel of them. If you run your finger up and down the width of the outside of the rotor, you will want to try to feel for a lip. If that lip is there and is quite prominent, then you know that the rotors have a lot of wear on them from continued use over time. This is due to the rotors becoming thin and being near the end of their lifespan. It is worth taking your vehicle in to a local auto shop to have the rotors inspected by a mechanic.

Test The Brakes For Issues

The other way to inspect your rotors is to try braking at a high speed to see how they react. Go to an empty parking lot where you have plenty of room to speed up and brake safely without other drivers behind you. You'll want to try braking at a high speed and pay attention to any vibration that is coming from the brake system. Vibration typically means that the rotors are warped and in need of replacement.

In addition, warped rotors can also create a lot of noise when braking. This is because there are grooves on a worn-down the rotor that are going to rub against the brake pads as they spin around, and braking at high speeds will cause the brakes to create a noise that is easy to identify.

Reach out to a local brake service if you have questions or concerns about your brake system.

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