Why Does Your Steering Wheel Shake At High Or Low Speeds?

If your steering wheel shakes at high or low speeds, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop today. If your steering wheel shakes, it could be due to bad tires, brakes, and other parts of the car. Learn more about your shaky steering wheel and how to make it stop below.

Why Do Steering Wheels Shake?

Tires can become imbalanced from wear and tear and excessive driving over time. The imbalanced tires can vibrate, wobble, or shimmy at various speeds. The vibrations can travel up the car's steering system and cause the steering wheel to shake when you accelerate or slow down.

A bad steering column, rack-and-pinion, and brake system can also disrupt your car's steering system. For example, the brake pads can wear down and create friction or heat in the wheels of your car. The friction can affect your car's ability to steer. The bearings in the steering column can be broken or damaged as well. 

The best way to learn why your steering wheel shakes is to take your car to an auto shop for repairs.

How Do You Fix a Shaking Steering Wheel?

An auto shop can check your tires to see if you need to rotate or replace them. If the tie rods and other parts of the wheels require repairs, a shop will take care of these issues as well. If your tires are in good shape, a shop will check the steering column, rack-and-pinion, and brake system for problems.  

If a mechanic discovers a problem with the steering column, rack-and-pinion, and brakes, they'll either repair the parts separately or complete everything at once. You may want to have everything completed at once. Some steering wheels can become locked if a vehicle's brakes give out. You may lose the ability to safely navigate and stop your car if the steering wheel locks in place.

In addition, a bad rack-and-pinion, also called a steering rack, can loosen up the steering wheel instead of lock it. Your vehicle may veer off course or wander on the road if the rack-and-pinion becomes bad enough. The steering wheel will shake and sometimes lose power steering fluid if the rack fails. An auto technician can remedy this issue by fixing the rack or simply replacing it.

You want to also obtain any other repairs for your vehicle as soon as possible. An auto shop will provide additional details about your car's repairs during your visit.

Learn more about your shaky steering wheel and how to fix it by calling an auto repair shop today. 

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