Breaking Down Your Brake Parts, Repairs, And What You Need To Know To Ensure Your Safety

It is important that your brakes are checked and changed regularly to ensure your safety when you drive. Routine brake maintenance should include changing the pads, bleeding the system, and inspecting for damage. Sometimes, repairs are also needed to ensure your brakes perform like they were designed. The following breakdown of brake systems will help you understand your brakes and the repairs they may need:

  • Problems with frozen brake calipers—When you neglect to change your brake pads, it can cause other parts to get too hot. The calipers of your brakes are what close the pads on the discs, and the heat can cause them to freeze. When the brake calipers freeze, it can cause your brakes to not function properly or at all. When the calipers are frozen, you are going to need to have them replaced, and your brake system inspected for other problems like warped discs.
  • Warped discs and drums causing problems—The discs of your brakes are among the first problems you may notice after the pads have worn too far down. When the pads wear down, it causes the metal to scrape against the discs, which is what causes the squeaking noise when you apply pressure to the pedal. This can also cause metal materials to overheat, which leads to warping. When you have warped discs, you might be able to have them turned, which is grinding the surface down to get them even again. If there is too much wear, you will have to have the discs replaced.
  • Damaged connections and brake lines—The brake lines and connections to components can also leak or fail, which can lead to poor brake performance or failures. Therefore, one of the problems that you want to be aware of and look for is leaks. Inspect the brake lines and connections to the calipers and master cylinder regularly. If your brake system is losing fluid, take your car to a repair service to have these problems repaired immediately.
  • Failing brake master cylinder issues—The last problem that you may have with your brake system is a failing master cylinder. This is the main control for the hydraulic system that operates your brakes, and if it fails, your brakes are going to fail. If your master cylinder is bad, do not drive and have your car towed to a repair service to have it replaced.

Understanding the different components of your brake system is important to know when you need repairs done. Call a brake repair service for help with these problems when you need more than just a new set of pads. For more information about brake repair service, contact a local auto shop.

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