Three Ways to Know That You Need Tire Repair

Your car's tires are very important pieces of equipment. As such, it's important to be aware of when they need to be repaired or replaced. Three tell-tale signs include the following. 

Vibrations on the Freeway

One indication of tire failure is heavy vibrations on the freeway or other high-speed areas, beyond the normal level expected on the freeway. These vibrations are a sign that your tires are out of balance. This is fairly simple to fix, assuming there are no deeper structural problems with your car. It's important to note that sometimes, misaligned tires aren't actually misaligned but rather on a misaligned suspension. In this case, you'll most likely see uneven wear and tear on your tire tread, and you'll want to get your car's suspension fixed instead of getting actual tire repairs.


If your tires are squeaking around corners, then you'll want to get tire repair. This means that you will need to either repair your tires by adding air or re-aligning the front ones to their proper place, or replace them entirely if the problem lies with the treads. It's important to note that squeaking tires are more than just annoying; they need to be inflated to a certain level in order to support the full weight of your car. Additionally, if the problem lies with the treads, then inclement weather could be more risky than usual. This is especially true if you are driving with work tire treads when it first starts to rain, as the roads are the slickest at that point.

Punctured Tire

Finally, if you have a nail or other puncture in your tire, then you'll want to seek tire repair or replacement. There are times that you can repair the tire itself, rather than replacing the entire thing, depending on the severity of the puncture and how weakened your tire was from the consequences of the puncture. For example, if your tire was running and wasn't deflated to the point where the inner structure of the tire was permanently degraded, then you may be able to get the tire repaired rather than replaced. No matter what, you'll want to find a tire repair service near you, even if you installed a tire plug or patch since those solutions are not permanent.

Tire repair is an important part of automobile maintenance. If you have vibrating tires at high speeds, squeaks when you round corners, or a punctured tire, find a tire repair shop. 

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