Is Your Transmission Slipping? Know How to Fix It

Your vehicle's automatic transmission has the job of shifting the gears so that you don't have to. However, having this additional part in your vehicle is one more thing that can require repair over time. One of those problems you can run into is transmission slipping, which is where the vehicle feels like it is randomly changing gears due to it not engaging properly when shifting. Here are some ways that a faulty transmission can be fixed when you notice that this problem is happening to your car.

Fix the Solenoid 

Your transmission may be slipping because of a faulty solenoid. This part has various valves that open and close that can cause plungers to move and shift your vehicle into different gears. It is possible that these valves are not opening completely or are moving too slowly, which is what causes your transmission to slip.

A solution is to try replacing the transmission fluid to see if that fixes the problem. The fluid needs to be very clean and thin in order to flow through the parts of your transmission, and dirty fluid can cause those valves to have the delay that causes transmission slipping. By flushing the old fluid out of the system, you'll get back that clean and thin fluid that the parts need for everything to work properly. If the transmission fluid does not fix it, the solenoid itself may need repair or replacement.

Fix the Valve Body

Another part that could use some care is the valve body. Its job is to control the hydraulic fluid so that it goes to the proper valve in the transmission, and impacts gear selection, shift timing, and shift firmness. A simple fix to the valve body acting up is to use an additive that will help lubricate the inside of the valve body so that the hydraulic fluid is able to move to the right areas.

Fix Worn Out Parts

Transmissions can also slip because there are parts that are simply worn out from wear and tear over the years. Rather than get a whole new transmission you can have the transmission rebuilt. This is the process of only replacing those worn down parts so that you do not need to spend money on a brand new transmission. This can help the transmission work much better, since having worn out parts replaced will make the transmission act as if it is brand new again.

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