Diesel Engine Problems That Cause Starting And Power Loss Issues

The diesel engine in your truck is unique, and problems can make the engine difficult to start or can cause issues with power loss when you are hauling heavy cargo. Therefore, you want to be able to diagnose issues with your engine to have them repaired quickly. The following diesel engine problems are common causes of starting and power loss issues.

Heat Plugs That Cause Cold Starting Problems—Diesel engines work a little differently than gasoline engines. With a diesel engine, heat plugs are used to provide heat and compression for the combustion that moves pistons in the engine. During the cold winter weather, heat plugs that are old and worn can cause issues with starting your engine. This can be a problem any time the engine of your truck is cold. Therefore, if you are having problems starting your truck, one of the first things to check is the heat plugs.

Cooling System Issues That Lead to Power Loss—The cooling system of a diesel engine is another important area where problems can cause issues with performance. First, the problems could be due to leaks and issues with the pressure that cause overheating. When your engine is straining to pull a load, problems with overheating can cause power loss and damage. Therefore, the cooling system needs to be routinely checked for leaks and problems that need to be repaired.

Bad Fuel and Bad Filters Causing Power Loss Issues—Bad fuel can be a serious problem with a diesel engine that you need to watch out for. The problems with bad fuel can cause problems with the fuel pump, filter, and injection system. Therefore, you will want to check the fuel filter if there is a power problem. Look for signs of moisture and change the filter. You can also change bad fuel pumps and add a fuel injection cleaner to your fuel tank. The fuel injectors could also need to be replaced to solve the problem, or it could be other issues with the intake and sensors.

Air Intake, Turbos, and Sensors That Cause Engine Problems—The air intake is another area where you can have problems. First, try changing the air filter to solve problems. There are also air sensors, which can get dirty and damaged. Replacing the fuel and air sensors could solve the power problems. Lastly, you may need to have the turbo repaired or replaced if all the other repairs have been done and you are still having power issues.

The problems with diesel engines are often minor issues that can easily be repaired, but you want to have them diagnosed before they get worse. When you have trouble starting your truck or you experience power loss, contact a diesel engine repair service to fix these issues before they cause serious damage to your truck.

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