2 Benefits Of Using Synthetic Instead Of Conventional Motor Oil In Your Vehicle

While purchasing oil for your car's next oil change, you may have noticed that sections featured bottles of synthetic oil. This may have prompted you to wonder whether using the synthetic oil would have any benefits over using the conventional petroleum-based variety. If so, consider a couple of the advantages discussed below.

1. Synthetic Oil Flows Well Even in Cold Temperatures

One advantage that synthetic oil has over conventional oil is that it flows well even in cold temperatures. If you live in a cold climate and use regular motor oil, you probably find that you have to allow your car to warm up in the mornings.

If not, the engine may act sluggishly until you have been driving down the road for a few miles. This is because petroleum-based oil is thick when it is cold and only thins out once it heats up. If you try to drive your car from a cold start on a frigid morning, the oil will not be flowing freely, which makes it harder on your engine.

However, with synthetic oil, it starts out thin and does not require heat to make it that way. Even if you jump in your car, turn it on, and head straight out of your driveway, you should not notice any roughness or sputtering of the engine because the synthetic oil lubricates the gears right away.

2. Synthetic Oil Does Not Degrade as Quickly as Conventional Motor Oil

Another benefit of synthetic oil is that it does not degrade as quickly as conventional motor oil. With the latter, the petroleum base does start to break down over time, especially when exposed to the extreme heat of your engine. This degradation is what turns the oil black and makes it appear sludgy if you do not change it on a regular basis.

However, the chemical composition of synthetic oil is designed to resist the hot temperatures found inside your car's motor. Because it does not degrade as quickly, it will last longer and allow for longer time periods between oil changes.

While using synthetic oil in vehicles has benefits, make sure that you read your car's owner's manual to double-check whether or not the manufacturer recommends it for your particular make and model. If so, contact a synthetic lubricant dealer such as an AMS OIL to learn more about your options as well as assistance with choosing the correct type for your car's engine.

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