When Is It Time To Call A Towing Company?

Not every vehicle problem is as simple as the thing not turning on. It's wise to know when to stop pushing the issue with your car and just call a towing company. Here are 5 times that is going to be the right choice.

1. Smoke or Grease

Even if you can identify anything that seems to be wrong, smelling or seeing smoke or grease is a universally bad thing. The potential issue can range from a leaking valve cover to a completely destroyed wheel assembly. A vehicle that experiences a major wheel assembly or axle problem at highway speed risks losing the wheel and ending up in an accident. Some vehicles that ride high may even roll over, so don't risk it.

2. Crunching Sounds

Particularly when you hear a crunching sound from one of the wheels, get your vehicle off the road immediately. The same set of catastrophic outcomes previously discussed can happen here. Even if the crunch only occurs at a predictable moment, such as when you make a turn, it's a bad sign.

3. Rising Temperature

The temperature level displayed by your gauges usually hangs around a particular spot. If you see it going up, especially if it's visibly going up, get the car off the road immediately. You may just need some coolant, and that's a roadside assistance issue that a towing company can usually handle. If there's a bigger problem, though, such as a failing water pump or a timing issue, you may destroy the engine by continuing to drive. It's best to get a professional opinion before you proceed.

4. A Radical Drop in Fuel Economy

If your vehicle suddenly seems to be consuming fuel at a noticeable rate, something's up. You might have a hole in the tank or a leak in the fuel line. There's also the possibility that something is malfunctioning, such as a brake caliper hanging up and kill your fuel economy. If you're worried that you're not going to be able to get home, it may be time to call a towing company.

5.Other Drivers Are Honking At You

There's a low probability that you suddenly became the most popular person on the road. If other drivers are honking at you, your car likely has a visible problem that should be addressed right away. Get the vehicle off the road and see if there's anything self-evident, such as a flat tire.

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