Maintain Your Car As If You Live In It

So many people spend days, if not weeks, working each spring to undo the damage that winter has done. Maintenance projects are planned and executed. Repairs are completed – even the garage where the car is parked is given attention – but what about the car that you're parking in there? Do you invest time and money into it to keep it running optimally and safe to drive? Here, you'll find a spring checklist to help you catch up on the maintenance and auto repairs that your car needs to last as long as possible in a safe way.

Check Engine Light                             

How long have you been ignoring the check engine light that stares at you each time you get behind the wheel? That check engine light should never be ignored – it is a sign that there's something wrong. Get the car to a repair shop as soon as possible before the small problem triggering the light becomes a serious issue that will cost more to repair and possibly puts your safety at risk.

Mysterious Sounds

Have you noticed that your car is making new sounds? Clunking, grinding, squeaking, moaning – these sounds, like the check engine light, are a sign that there's a problem with the car. It could be an engine or transmission problem, or it could be a suspension or brake problem – you won't know what's going on until you have a mechanic go over the car at a repair shop.

Fluid Changes

Most people know the importance of, and keep up with, oil changes, but what about the other fluids that the car needs to run properly? Transmission fluid, antifreeze, power steering and brake fluids – they all need to be checked and changed from time to time. If these fluids run low, the components will strain and the lack of important fluids could very well end up causing serious issues with the car. If the transmission fluid is low or old, your transmission could become damaged, and if you've never replaced a transmission before, you might not realize how big of a project it is and how expensive it can be to replace. Get your car in for a fluid check and listen to the recommendations that the repair technician suggests.

These three things will help to protect your car from becoming a lump of metal in your driveway. Give your car the same care that you give your home and it will perform better and suffer fewer issues during the years that you own it.

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