3 Reasons Routine AC Service Should Be A Top Fleet Service Priority

There are certain aspects of truck maintenance that you cannot avoid. Ignoring critical tire or brake inspections can lead to dangerous driving conditions, putting your drivers and other motorists at risk. Routine engine maintenance is equally crucial to keep your trucks running efficiently and avoid expensive overhauls.

However, fleet managers may be less inclined to view HVAC systems as a high priority for maintenance. Although air conditioning systems don't keep your fleet on the road, scheduling routine inspections, maintenance, and servicing is still essential. If you aren't currently prioritizing your fleet's HVAC systems, here are three reasons you should start.

1. Keep Your Trucks Ready Year-Round

The air conditioning systems in your fleet are more than just luxury items. Working in the heat can have serious consequences ranging from reduced productivity to substantial health risks. With unpredictable temperatures in many parts of the country, keeping the AC systems in your vehicles running well ensures your drivers can continue to drive through the worst heat waves.

However, functional air conditioning systems are also critical in colder temperatures. Air conditioning helps to dehumidify in the winter, keeping windshields clear for your drivers. Functional AC will help maintain visibility and prevent the cabs in your fleet from suffering from damaging moisture or mold issues.

2. Avoid Expensive Repairs

The compressor is the soul of any refrigerant-based cooling system, from a residential air conditioner to the ones found in your fleet's trucks. In addition to being necessary for cooling, the compressor also tends to be the most expensive item to replace. The heavy-duty compressors in commercial trucks can be especially costly in labor and parts.

Unfortunately, many small air conditioning problems can eventually lead to compressor damage. For example, a slow refrigerant leak can result in a pressure drop, ultimately allowing liquid refrigerant to reach and damage the compressor. By keeping up with AC maintenance on your fleet, you can catch these problems early and avoid more expensive repairs in the future.

3. Prevent Downtime

Blown tires and faulty engine companies aren't the only problems that can sideline your trucks. Malfunctioning AC during a severe heat wave can take your drivers off the road just as quickly, leading to unscheduled and costly downtime. In a worst-case scenario, your driver may be far from your maintenance facilities, forcing you to rely on more expensive third-party repairs.

By staying on top of routine maintenance, servicing, and inspections for your truck's AC systems, you can spot problems before your trucks are hundreds or thousands of miles away from your maintenance facilities. Catching and repairing problems during scheduled downtime will help you keep your trucks on the road while avoiding the potential for lost revenue.

Reach out to a fleet service to learn more.

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